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The Protecorate Series by R.M. Garino

The Protectorate Series: The Driesen Chronicles.

Volume 1: The Manor of the World’s End


“The apocalypse has happened before. It will happen again. It is a cyclical thing, a force of nature, like a comet, a geyser, or a migration. Just as old age threatens us all, withers our limbs and bends our spines, entropy lurks at the edges of civilization, waiting to show us the face of our bestial selves. And when the darkness comes, when the world falls to ashes and the light of knowledge fails to shine, humanity forgets what was learned. Science becomes the stuff of magic, but when the magic fails to work it is neglected.

Memory dies.

Legends fade.

All is forgotten, and humanity is the poorer for it. Unless someone can keep the flame alive.”

– Eric Driesen

The apocalypse has come again.

The modern world has fallen, brought low by the promise of its own immortality.

The dead have risen.

Mankind has devolved.

Those who survive, whisper of a safe place where they can be free. Here, the last vestiges of the old world, the triumphs of humanity have been secured and defended. It shines like a beacon of hope in the darkness, calling to those who wander the world, desolate and alone. Only a select few know the way, and the survivors flock to them. The Caravan of Children. The Sledge and its Anvil. The Wayward. But the road is fraught with peril as society consumes itself. For humanity to endure, they must reach the Manor.

That Manor is called, World’s End.



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