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Reven Marthal

Reven Marthal is the capital city of the Lethen’al, and the greatest concentration of Lethen’al live here. The city is housed in a great tree, a tremendous black oak tree called Occanum, which dominates the surrounding countryside.


Magically enhanced to provide a prison for the Lo’ademn Thelas, the great tree has a base that is a mile in diameter, and rises hundreds of feet into the sky. The Lethen’al have used their magics to grow the tree in such a way as to create corridors and living spaces inside the trunk, the canopy, and the roots.

As the capital, it is the home of The Matriarch, Thenaria Tu’renthien, and rest of the Royal family, House Tu’renthien. The royal chambers, the archives, sanctum, and inner sanctum are all located here, and contain some of the most important artifacts of Lethen’al history.

The Occanium, the order of the Magi are also based here. Their libraries, lecture halls, and workshops are in central locations, providing the Magi with easy access to the city proper.

The Roots of Reven Marthal are the home of the mysterious Fiftanu, the Lethen’al seers who explore the worlds of the spirit, trying to find the path back to Heaven. They hold to the subterranean sections of the city, and are rarely seen, save when they are summoned by royal decree. Also housed in the Roots is the prison of the Lo’ademn Thelas, who was bound by the first Mala’kar, Malachite during the Apostate’s War.

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