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Andover, it’s such a beautiful place.

Andover, you’ll vanish without a trace.

Andover, you won’t be seen again.

Andover, goodbye to you amen.

Andover is the northernmost Lethen’al settlement in the Patresilen. As with most of the northern settlements, a great stone arch sits at the northern edge of the village. It is a predominately agricultural society, though it does have its fair share of artisans. Numbering thirty families total, the population is small and close knit, with a reputation for sharing what they have and helping one another when needed.


The conditions at the foot of the Helashion mountains is brutal, and very few crops will develop with any regularity, mainly grains. Oats, barley, grapes, and wheat grow especially well here, and as such, they have become their largest export. In addition, the residents of Andover are also master brewers, vintners, and sprit makers, and use their grains as the base of all their drinks. Known as consummate storytellers and singers, the people of Andover are renowned for their celebrations throughout the year.

There is a darker side to Andover, however. Someone goes missing from the village every few years. For the most part, sadly, the victims are children. The stone gates at the edge of town have become a permanent memorial for the lost, and its base is littered with centuries of candle wax, flowers, pictures, tokens of affection, and written notes.


There are some who blame the elusive E’ine for the disappearances, while other blame the Apostate, or even a spontaneous return to Heaven.

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